Graffiti tunnel , Bandra Mumbai

Elma’s bakery , cakes & tea room. Hauz khas village #Delhi

Spell & Bound bookshop #delhi

Cafe Small Talk , Hauz khas village :) #delhi

Many a doctrine is like a window pane. We see truth through it but it divides us from truth -Khalil Gibran

Bandra - Worli sea link

Alai Darwaza #delhilove

Alai minar #delhilove

Pillars and columns #delhilove

Kufic calligraphy intricately carved into the Qutub Minar #delhilove

The red fort #delhilove

India gate at night #delhilove

India gate during the day #delhilove

and within minutes all they left were their footprints in the sand while they embraced a new life in water #turtlefestival

One giant step for mankind and a million tiny ones for the turtle kind #turtlefestival